Mom Goals Workshop

Discover why your Mom Brain is working against you and how to solve it!

Finally stick to your goal and quit, quitting!

You don’t need to keep quitting and setting the same goal over and over again. Only to feel discouraged that you didn’t achieve again.

Fear, stress and anxiety don’t need to run your life.

Your goals and aspirations don’t need to wait until “the kids are older.”

Mom guilt and anxiety don’t need to hold you back.

You CAN use your Mom Brain to achieve your goals.



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Mom Goals @ CrossFit Contrivance

Use your Mom Brain to Achieve Your Goals…and not just forget stuff.


Life is too short to let fear and anxiety take over your life (and your kids’ too)!

Tired of setting the same goal year and year and not achieving it?

Not sure how to achieve your goal?

Have so much stuff going on you aren’t even sure what YOU really want?

Do you feel the pressure of Mama guilt?

Just trying to get through each day you aren’t sure what you want the future to look like?

Feel like you can’t live up to what society wants from Mamas?

Fear holding you back from doing what you really want?

Just “waiting until the kids are older?”

Not confident in your abilities to achieve your goal?

Tired of just going through the motions of everyday life and want more?

These are totally normal Mama feelings. BUT they don’t have to run your life!

Recognize what your Mom Brain is doing and use that power to actually achieve your goals this year.

By 3 minutes into the lesson the entire class was texting their other mom friends letting them know that they needed to join! The knowledge she delivered was so profound and just what we needed. As a mother it is easy to get stuck with our overwhelming list of goals and to-dos. Meghan was able to teach us how to accomplish our goals in the most simplistic way! Her down to earth nature had everyone at ease and made for a very fun experience! 

Krisna G.



  hours  minutes  seconds


Mom Goals @ CrossFit Contrivance

What Do I Get Out of Mom Goals?

Why You Quit

Why you haven’t achieved your goal already.

Mom Anxiety

It’s real and Mamas actually have a higher baseline anxiety…so you’re already dealing with more stress and anxiety now! (more on this in the workshop)

You’re not alone

Change is difficult and even harder when you have tiny humans that take time and attention. 

Interactive, guided workshop

This isn’t your boring “how to write goals” workshop. You will discover why you haven’t already achieved your goal and how to frame your goal so your brain will work with you, not against you. You receive a workbook that can be used again and again and sets you and your goal up for success.

Change your mind, change your life

How to use your mind to achieve your goals now and into the future (think your kids’ goals and grandkids’…set up success for generations to come).

Knowledge that will create a generational mindset

You can leave a legacy for your kids, grandkids and beyond.

You can leave them with stories, tangible items, wealth…but also MINDSET!

Your thoughts and beliefs are passed on generation to generation.

If you aren’t where you want to be, something in your MIND needs to change.

Be the confident example for generations to come. 

  • Set a clear goal
  • Have the drive and motivation to stick to your goal when everything and everyone says you should quit
  • Discover your inner confidence in yourself, your abilities and your decisions
  • Explanation of why moms feel more anxiety – you are not alone

“Before I just thought it was me that was so anxious. I had no idea this was so common for moms. Thanks to Mom Goals I was able to recognize where it comes from and realize it didn’t need to stop me anymore. I finally lost the last 15lbs of baby weight!”

Kristin C.

Do you want more for you AND your kids?

You constantly put everything and everyone before your needs and goals.

You deserve to be the priority.

It’s time for you to feel happy and fulfilled in yourself.

You are worth your time, money and energy.

If you want your kids to be happy, confident and successful…YOU need to embody it.

YOU are the example for your kids.

Feel confident when you set and achieve your goal.