248 – Is it Mom Worry or more?

So, moms worry, we know that when you have a baby, you worry more, right? You got to take care of this tiny human. But how do we know when it’s mom worry and when it’s more? And Mama’s Daily Doses is… Is it mom worry… or more? Let’s get moving, before we get interrupted. 

I posed this question to my therapist, because I really didn’t have an answer. I’m like, you know, I know I worry more as a mom and I just have more responsibilities. But how do you know when you cross over that line of mom worry, and anxiety? Because it is it is so blurred. And before I was seeking help for my postpartum anxiety, I just thought like, Hey, this is normal. I have two kids. Now, I got a lot more going on. This is just This is what life is. 

And I think she gave a very great explanation for it. And she said, “it’s when it starts taking over your life, your everyday life, when that worry isn’t just every once in a while, that it’s impacting your everyday life.” It could be impacting your time with your kids, it could be impacting your relationships, your sleep, your work, all of these things; when it starts bleeding over and really affecting your life. If all those worries are starting to pile up, and really affecting all the other areas of your life, it may be time to get some outside help. Talk to your doctor, your midwife, a mental health professional, and they can help you sort out if it is worry, or if it’s more. Because if it’s more than just mom worry, you can get that help. There is help out there for you. There’s often this stigma that moms need to be strong, we can get through it, we can do anything. And yes, you are all of those things. But you can also get help. 

Mama your action today is if you are concerned at all about your worries, or your temperament or your mood, talk to somebody reach out to a mental health professional. There’s Postpartum Support International, they have a free 1-800 Number. If you just Google them online…you can ask your midwife, your doctor, so many places that you can reach out to for help because there are people out there that want to help you. We all want to see you thrive and be the best that you can be. And have a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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Meghan Q Barrett is Mom Success Coach and Connector who helps mamas create a life they love as “mom” AND an individual without the mom guilt. She connects mamas from all around the world so you can share your stories in a safe, supportive space.

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