244 – “(there is) a degree of anxiety and guilt in mothers that is unparalleled in history.”

Welcome to quote Thursday, and I have a quote that comes from the book, Ordinary Insanity. And the quote comes from Psychologist, Dr. Shari Thurer. And she is referring to the tension that exists between expert advice to moms, and also saying at the same time that being a mom is supposed to come “naturally.” And it is, “(it creates) a degree of anxiety and guilt in mothers that is unparalleled in history.” Let’s get moving, before we get interrupted.

We live in the safest world in history, people are living to super long ages, we have all these medical advances, you can track your kid wherever they go on their phone, yet there is more anxiety and fear in moms than more than ever before. So get this: we live in the safest world that we have ever lived in, yet there is more anxiety and fear in moms than there ever has been. You would think that with safety, anxiety would come down.

However, what has happened is there is this big distance between saying, “hey, moms, you know what? This should come naturally. You do as you do you know the best.” And being like, “There’s all these experts over here, you need to listen to every single one of them. Okay?” This is how the kid sleeps. This is how the kid eats. These are the milestones that they’re supposed to reach. So there’s this big distance between Hey, Mom, you’re supposed to know best and it should come totally naturally. You shouldn’t have to overthink it. This is easy stuff. And no wait, you need to listen to all these experts to in order to do it correctly. So that’s where all this anxiety comes in.

We have a wealth of information on the internet, you can go google how to do anything with a kid and you will get all kinds of responses, responses that complement one another, and responses that go against one another. And that becomes so anxiety provoking, because there’s all these choices now. And now you have to make even more choices. And you just don’t know what if I make the wrong choice? Am I supposed to listen to that expert over there? Or am I supposed to listen to myself because it’s supposed to come naturally? I don’t know because I’m being told the same thing on both sides. And that is where this extreme anxiety and mom anxiety has become the norm for many moms.

Mama your action today is to look at yourself as the expert. Like we’ve talked about a bunch you know you the best and outside of your kids. You know your kids the best. It doesn’t matter if people say this should come naturally or you need to listen to the experts. Listen to yourself. You have that mom intuition for a reason. And you know you and your kids best. And if you don’t already give me a follow on Instagram @MeghanQBarrett and have a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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