233 – How to leave the park without kicking and screaming

You know, when you’ve been at the park for a little while, and it’s, it’s time to go home, it’s it’s lunchtime, we got to get things together, and then it’s going to be nap time. So you’re like, “Hey, come on, y’all let’s go! Time to pack it up. Let’s get on out of here.” And it just doesn’t go that well. There’s all this kicking, and they’re screaming, and then you’re getting upset, but you’re trying to stay calm. And then there’s all these other people looking at you because they’re like, “Hey, I’ve been there too…” Mamas Daily Dose is… how to leave the park without kicking and screaming. Let’s get moving before we get interrupted.

Mama, we’ve all been there. We’ve all been in a situation where we grab our kids, throw them over our shoulders, their legs are flailing all over the place. And they’re screaming, “NO I don’t want to go! Let me down. Let me out.” And then you have all these other people looking at you. We’ve been there. First of all, let me tell you, those people are looking at you not because they’re judging you. But because they’re also parents. They’re like, You know what? I’ve been right there. I feel for you. 

So how can you leave the park? How can you leave the jump place? Oh my gosh, like the Defy Gravity near us. Every time we leave. It’s just, it’s it’s the most difficult thing ever. I always told myself, we’re never coming back here. And then we go back… anyways…How do you get them to leave? 

One of the most difficult things, not only for children, but for adults, is transitions, transitioning from one thing to another, shifting your focus from one thing to another, not bringing in feelings and emotions from the past experience to this new experience. So how can you ease those transitions? And it’s about being intentional. Take that moment like how you do in the morning that we talked about yesterday… How do I want to feel? How do I want to feel in this next transition…in this next situation? It may be different. Maybe I feel one way at the park like I’m joyful. I’m here I’m playing with my kids were having a good time. And then that transition to hey, it’s time to leave. How I’m feeling is I’m setting that boundary. I’m digging my feet in here. It’s time to leave. But I’m also setting them up too. I’m letting them know that that transition is coming. You know, there’s two minutes left, you can do one more thing at the park. And then ask them how they feel. Tell them, hey, this is a transition coming up. We’re leaving to go home. How do you want to feel here? And you can tell them Mommy wants to feel organized and secure and that we’re leaving. How do you want to feel? So not only you being intentional with your feelings in those transitions, but asking your children how they want to feel in those transitions too will help because for everybody, transitions are difficult. It’s hard not to take those emotions from the past. And just that experience right before and the past of our whole lives into the next experience. So be intentional with how you want to feel in that next experience in that transition. And ask your kids to be intentional with how they want to feel.

Mama, your action today is to look at the transitions in your day. And use those to take a moment to ask yourself how you want to feel in this next situation. When you walk through a doorway. How do I want to feel going into this room? When you get in your car? How do I want to feel going to the park when you’re leaving the park? How do I want to feel use those transition times as a time to check in with yourself on how you want to feel and check in with your kids to on how they want to feel. And have a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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