225 – How to embrace the quiet

Mama’s Daily Dose is… how to embrace the silence. Let’s get moving, move or we get interrupted. 

Silence is such a funny thing when you’re a mom, because it’s like, that’s all you want. You’re like, I just want some peace and quiet. It’s always loud. There’s always these things going on. And then you get some silence, and you don’t know what to do with it. You’re like, Man, I should be doing this. Maybe I should go do that. I can’t just sit here in silence!

There’s so many things that I should be doing when it was silence that you wanted. And now you get silence. And you’re like, oh, man, I can’t handle this silence. So how can you sit in that silence and enjoy it? 

My first suggestion is find those little pockets of silence that are already in your day. For me, one of them is snuggling with my kids at night. And I used to loathe it, I would have to lay in there anywhere from like, five to 30 minutes. And the whole time I just have these thoughts racing through my head, I should be doing this, I could be doing that. And then I decided to take a little spin on it. I’m like, Meghan, here’s the silence you’ve been searching for! Enjoy it, enjoy this time snuggling with your kid! So I would use that time to just breathe, focus on my breath, meditate a bit. And that is when I get the majority of my ideas for this podcast. And for things I want to do in my business in my life, all of that, because I’m taking that time to be silent and enjoy it. 

And if you look at your day, there’s all these little pockets already. You don’t need to create all this time to like, sit and meditate. I don’t have time to do that. Where are those little times? I mean, even after you strap those kids into the car seat or they get into the car, close the door. Take a few extra steps to walk around the car, go around the long way, and just breathe. That’s time to enjoy the silence there. It’s like we talked about earlier this week -y ou don’t have to do more necessarily. Let’s utilize what you already have. 

Mama your action today is to look at your day. And where are times that you can already enjoy silence in your day. Is it getting up before the kids and sitting there and enjoying your hot coffee? Is it when the kids are napping? Is it right before you go to bed? Is it snuggling with your kids at night? There’s all these little pockets of quiet that you can enjoy throughout the day. You just need to utilize them. Have a nice quiet weekend and a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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