223 – Who knows YOU best?

Mama’s Daily Doses is… who knows you best? Let’s get movin before we get interrupted. 

What’s your favorite color? So a year ago, we were going over colors with my son and he said his favorite color. And I asked my husband, I said, “Hey, what’s my favorite color?” And he said, “purple.” I was like, “yeah, no, that’s not my favorite color.” And so he’s like, “it’s not???” 

Alright, well, let me text my best friend. And I text her. I said, “Hey, what’s my favorite color?” And she said, “purple” too! And I’m like, Guys, purple is not my favorite color! And it’s teal, by the way, teal is my favorite color. 

But the point of this is, is that even your partner, and your best friend, your sister, whomever it is, they do not know you best. Who knows you best is you. You hang out with yourself all day, every day, you have been around for all the experiences that you have had. However, we often look to others for answers about ourselves, that we are the only ones that we can answer it. Just like Monday’s MamAffirmation: I listened to myself. Listen to that emotion. That sixth sense that mom intuition, because you know you the best, there will never be anyone else on this planet that will know you better than you. 

Mama, your action today is to test the close people in your life if they know your favorite color. I’m just kidding. That’s not the real action today. You can do it. It’s fun to see if they do know your favorite color. But your action today is to listen to yourself. Again. 10 seconds get in the habit of listening to yourself and trusting yourself. And have a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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