222 – You don’t need to DO more…you need this…

Mama, we often think that the answer is to do more, to be more, just to get more. But what if that isn’t the answer? And Mama’s Daily Dose is… you don’t need to do more, you need to do this…Let’s get moving before we get interrupted.

All right, so I may sound a little hypocritical here, because I say this is the podcast for mamas who want more. And I just said, you don’t need to do more, you need to do this. Alright, so wanting more, and doing more are a little bit different, you can actually have more without necessarily doing a whole lot more. Often, we think we need more money, we need more knowledge, we need more resources, we just need more in order to get to the next level. But what if… hear me out here… What if you already have everything? What if you don’t need to do more, you just need to listen to yourself.

Like yesterday’s MamAffirmation, I listen to my self. You have so much knowledge, experiences and answers within you. But the problem is, we don’t take the time to listen to ourselves. We’re just too busy or we try to ignore that we try to ignore that intuition and that gut feeling and that is when we feel like something is missing. And we’re chasing for that more by doing more. Instead of listening and doing with what we have right now.

Mama your action today is to listen to yourself. At least 10 seconds. Just sit there in silence and listen and see what comes up and just get used to listening to yourself asking yourself questions, looking to yourself for the answers. And if you don’t already give me a follow on Instagram @MeghanQBarrett and have a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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