185 – Are half birthdays a thing?

Hey, Mama. This is Mama’s Daily Dose, the short actionable podcast for mamas who want more. I’m Meghan Q Barrett of allyoumama.com. Happy Friday mamas. I hope you had a fantastic week. And I have a question for you, “Do you celebrate half birthdays?” Is that like really a thing? Because my mom did it for my oldest son last year. And, you know, kids and their memories will at least their memories for things that they want to remember… He remembered that, he said, “Hey, Mommy, I got a cake for my three and a half birthday. Don’t I get one for my four and a half?” And Mama’s daily doses is… Do you celebrate half birthdays? Last get moving before we get interrupted.

Mama, I love a good celebration. But I feel like there is just a party for everything nowadays. And it is just, it is hard to keep up with all of that. But my oldest son, you know, remembered from his three and a half birthday that he got a cake. So we did a cake for the four and a half birthday. But we did half a cake. I said you know it’s a half birthday. So you get half the cake. But I want to know, like, Do other people really celebrate half birthdays? Is this a thing? Like, is it becoming a thing? Was it always a thing? Did I just not do it as a kid because we didn’t do half birthday stuff. I mean, I remember saying, Oh, hey, it’s my half birthday, it was a big thing to be like I’m four and a half. Now, you know, instead of just four. But is it a thing to celebrate half birthdays?

Mama, your action today is to just celebrate. I mean, who cares if half birthdays are celebrated or not if it’s a thing or not, if you want to celebrate something, go celebrate it. Bring the joy, I am here for anything that is going to make people happier, and bring the joy. So go ahead and celebrate something today.

And if you have not already, hop on over to allyoumama.com And take the new quiz, “What the f do I want?” Now, as a mom, it can be so confusing as to where you want to go and what you want for you. Because you’re constantly thinking about these tiny humans, that you no longer know what you even want for yourself. And this quiz is there to spark that and start figuring your stuff out. So you can be happier. You can be more present, you can be more energetic, and you can be the inspiration to your kids and other mamas because really, we’re all here to make some kind of impact. And mamas have so much power and the more you go out there and help change the world for the better, the better this world is going to be. Have a great weekend and a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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