163 – Confidence in making mistakes

Hey mama. This is Mama’s Daily Dose the short actionable podcast for mamas who want more? I’m Meghan Q Barrett of allyoumama.com. Happy Wednesday, and today we’re kind of mashing up Monday’s and Tuesday’s talking about confidence and mistakes. Mama’s daily dose is… be confident in making mistakes. Let’s get moving before we get interrupted. 

Mondays MamAffirmation was, I make mistakes, and that’s okay. And then yesterday, we talked about how being confident, is one of the most important things I want to teach my children. So putting those together, be confident in making mistakes. As we talked about on Monday, everyone’s going to make mistakes. But what is going to be your reaction to those mistakes, go into the situation, knowing that you’re going to make mistakes along the way, what can you take out of that mistake, to be confident and keep moving on. So knowing that you’re going to make mistakes, and it’s okay. But being confident in yourself, that’s what’s going to propel you forward. Because these mistakes are going to happen anyways, forgive yourself, know that it’s going to happen, and use that to boost your confidence. 

Mama, your action today is to look back on a past mistake, small, big, medium, whatever. And look at what you can take out of that. To build your confidence a bit more, to be a little bit more confident to move into that next situation. How can you use that knowledge that you gained from the mistake to be more confident. And if you weren’t there last night, you missed an awesome class of Confident Mama Mindset. But you know what registration is still open for one week. And you can get the replay of last night’s class. So if you are serious about being confident, instilling that confidence in yourself, achieving your goals and inspiring your kids to do the same. This class is for you get signed up at allyoumama.com And we’ll see you next Tuesday evening and have a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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Meghan Q Barrett is Mom Success Coach who helps mamas figure their sh*t out so they can create a life they love as “mom” AND an individual without the mom guilt.

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