153 – The actions you take will always be a success: Interview with Joubert “Keepsitlit” Caston

Meghan Q Barrett  0:04 
Hey mama. This is Mama’s Daily Dose, the short practical podcast for mamas who want more. I’m Meghan Q Barrett of allyoumama.com Mama’s Daily Dose is a special interview all about goals, how to reach your goals, how to pivot. And there is no one better for this interview than my good friend, Joubert Caston. He is committed to his work his clients, his devotion, his community, and is the main reason many people smile. Honestly, if you don’t know Jou, get to know Him, He will make your life better, guaranteed. He is a Marin County native and a product of a southern family who moved to the Bay Area years ago and instilled in him that the only way to your visions, dreams and goals is if you are willing to work harder than ever for them. And through his story, Jou will inspire and motivate you. We talked earlier this week about something is more than nothing. And Jou exemplifies that in that the actions that you take towards a goal are always going to be a success, even if they don’t work out the way that you want them to. Just taking action is a success. So let’s get moving, before we get interrupted.

Meghan Q Barrett  1:33 
Joubert Caston! Welcome to Mama’s Daily Dose the interviews, how are you?

Joubert Caston  1:41 
I’m doing good. Hey, Mama.

Meghan Q Barrett  1:43 
Hey. All right. So we are in the new year. It is January, everyone is excited. They’re motivated, they’re ready to get after their goals. And we’ve known each other for a while. I don’t know. 25 ish years. Yeah, I don’t know. I can’t math that far. So. But when I was like, Okay, who am I going to interview for January, like I have seen you grow, crush goals and just get after life in general. And on top of that, like you take people with you, you inspire, and you motivate other people. So really, there was no one else other than you for this interview?

Joubert Caston  2:26 
Well, you know, thank you so much. First and foremost, I mean, it’s an absolute pleasure being on here with you. I mean, like you said, to everyone who does not know me, Meghan, and I go back so long that you have to carry to one in order to really get to the bottom line of how long we’ve known each other. So it’s an absolute pleasure to be here. I’m so incredibly proud of you, you know, the family, the family you’ve made the things you’re doing on this podcast. Come on.

Meghan Q Barrett  2:56 
Oh, thank you. Alright, so hey, we are ready to go. Let’s give these Mama’s something to get inspired and motivated and ready to get after it with. So what do you think is the most important characteristic to have in order to actually achieve your goals?

Joubert Caston  3:14 
You know, I think it starts first and foremost, with due ability to like, most definitely visualize it. So when you visualize anything that you dream of, you could see that you see yourself doing, and you take that step forward to actually put it down to make it a goal. It’s a lot more achievable. Right. So a lot of people go into thinking about stuff, and they think thinking they waste their time, and they actually think too long. Which really, really makes them not focus on actually executing. So the most important thing is just visualizing it. And then, you know, I would say that what’s the neck and neck with that is actually knowing and believing and having confidence in yourself that you can do it?

Meghan Q Barrett  4:00 
Yeah, definitely. I am big on that. Because if you don’t, the big on the confidence part, because if you don’t believe that you can actually achieve your goal. You’re you’ve already lost, like, you’re not even going to do it. Right. And to me knowing you for so long, you I’ve always come off as a confident person. I mean, anyone that meets you, they can feel that they can feel your energy. So have you always been a confident person, like where did this confidence come from?

Joubert Caston  4:30 
You know, it’s funny that you say that because deep down inside, and I really do appreciate you telling me that because I’ve heard people say that about myself, but for so long. I didn’t actually believe in my confidence. Right? And I’ve always got doubted, you know, dated back to when I was young. I had all these big ideas since I was a young, young fellow. And every time that I tried to tell people what I wanted to do and tell people what I had vision in my mind, I always believed that I can do it. But I didn’t have the confidence because I had so much doubt around me, oh, you can’t do this, I had family friends, everyone who was really close to me at the time, besides for a hand, a handful, a handful of people really believed in me. So that really lowered my confidence. So it wasn’t really until I got older in life. And when I say older, I mean, like, into my 30s and beyond where I sat back, and I looked at everything that I’ve done and been like, okay, you’ve done it. So I guess you could really sit back and look at how you’ve actually had some confidence. And then I started really believing that, you know, anything that I could really put my anything that I put my mind to, I have the ability, and most importantly, beyond the potential to do it.

Meghan Q Barrett  5:46 
I think a support system is so important. And how do you feel that you’ve surrounded yourself with people now, as opposed to back when you felt like, you know, people didn’t believe in you?

Joubert Caston  5:58 
You know, that’s a really great question. I think, first and foremost, where we grew up, and where we were raised, I have to throw out all the credit in the world to our community. Actually, no matter how many doubters that I’ve had, and I wouldn’t even call them doubters. I just think that my visions and ideas and beliefs were a little too far and advanced. I don’t want to say this in a way, which makes me sound overconfident. But I think my visions were a little too far in advance being at such a young age that people didn’t believe that somebody at that age could really do all the things that he really wanted to to that scale. And so I owe it a lot to definitely be blessed by a lot of influences. You know, regarding just being that handful of people that I you know, that I just said, it was like, hey, you know, everything is based on positive energy, positive feedback, and just having that support system of that handful select the people who actually do believe in you to make you push to keep going.

Meghan Q Barrett  7:04 
Yeah, and I think you mentioned, you know, doubters not quite sure what to say with that, and I don’t think it’s necessarily people doubting you as much as they doubt themselves. Right? You know, like other people have these big dreams that they maybe weren’t as confident in to reach and that is being essentially mirrored to you and put on to you.

Joubert Caston  7:27 
Right, I think that’s, I think that’s absolutely correct. And, you know, once again, when I say doubters, too, I don’t want to make it shine any kind of negative light on those human beings, I think you actually hit it so perfectly. I think other people when they hear other people’s visions and dreams, they put those people’s visions and dreams in their shoes. And because of however they’re feeling and how are they believing themselves? They tend to believe, Oh, how is that person going to execute this? How is this person going to do so? And they kind of make comparisons? Or well, you know, if I can’t do it, if I didn’t think about doing it, so it’s not so much doubting to shine negative light, I think it’s more so like you said, completely on them.

Meghan Q Barrett  8:10 
Definitely. And I know that you try to be that light in other people’s lives, too. And how are you living that? Like, how do you want to help other people?

Joubert Caston  8:21 
You know, since I was very young, I was blessed to be around a very, very amazing motivational human being by the name of Michael Pritchard. And when I was in elementary school, he said something to me that really said in and he described team, and he described each and every single letter of team and what he came up with is together each achieves more. And that just resonated with me. Being that both you and I have always been in the sports, we’ve always been in pushing the limits when it comes to our athletic capabilities. We’ve been disciplined to be there for our team and put up the you know, all of our all of our energy into our team sports. So meaning that we’ve been that disciplined, we really like embellishing that team method has always made me believe that, you know, if I have one thing that I could give back to society, being that I don’t come from a lot of money or anything like that. It’s just bringing and having that support system of people who believe helping those who want to do things on their own. Just being that kind of light, because I remember, way back when I was first starting how many people really didn’t have, I wouldn’t say the belief but once again, it was kind of like that doubting thing that we just talked about. So you know if I could give anything, it’s just help and I love it.

Meghan Q Barrett  9:45 
I mean, it can be lonely when you’re going after your goals and your dreams because sometimes you have to create that separation with your old life in order to become this new person to to achieve your goals, and, and that can be really scary to let go of what is known for something that you really have no idea about?

Joubert Caston  10:11 
absolutely, is very scary, right, because it all starts in with it, it all starts within. And that’s one thing that a lot of us need to really take into account for is that we’re put on this earth as a single being, we don’t have time, and we shouldn’t be giving our energy into focusing on what others are doing, unless we’re trying to help. The only thing that we can really control in this life is ourselves. So letting go of past habits, letting go of, you know, all lives in order to create a new life move forward, it all starts with, it all starts within. And you know, that goes to competing, you know, we’re not competing against anybody else in life, we’re competing on being better than ourselves. Yesterday, the week before or even the year before…

Meghan Q Barrett  11:01 
You know, that kind of brings into you’ve, you’ve tried a number of businesses, you’ve had a number of successful businesses, and you’ve pivoted a lot of times, too, and it I mean, you had a moving business, you were a trainer, you now own a fitness facility, and you’re a realtor. And it takes courage to not only start a business, but to to pivot how, how can people find that courage instead of just like, oh, someday? I’ll do this. Where does that action come from?

Joubert Caston  11:34 
Well, you’re you’re so kind to call all those businesses a success. There was, let me tell you, there was a lot of actually, there’s a lot of failure. And then the all the failures taught me so much. So I don’t look at those businesses as being filled operations. Yeah, they didn’t work out the way that I planned or tenant, but there’s so much gain from them. And so many learning experience that I’ve learned in order to make the next venture better. So pivoting is all about just once again, having that confidence, and seeing when something is going bad not to completely keep exerting so much energy in that bad operation. But keeping your head on a swivel. And having that belief to the pivot. Each and every single one of my operations has been something that I believed in is something that I wanted to do. I don’t boast a lot. But if I were to pat myself on the back and give my own self credit, looking back at the younger Joe as compared to these days, I think everybody who knows me and who has heard me talk about what I want to do and what I’ve wanted to do and what I visualized, I think now they can say okay, yeah, Joe Barry’s done it, it wasn’t just talk he had, he actually done it, whether it was something that made money, whether it’s something that just lost me a lot of money at the end of the day, I executed and did it. And so pivoting was just the nature of like, hey, if I don’t pivot, I’m gonna sink. So that’s it’s, it’s, it’s a key thing to being an entrepreneur and doing what you want and attacking those goals and crushed them. One of my mentors told me, ignorance is an entrepreneurs best character, characteristic and trait. If we knew what was gonna happen on the other side, on the other side of that rainbow, you know that at times, we probably would do it, right? Yes. So diving in having that vision, and just not being afraid to pull the trigger and just dive in.

Meghan Q Barrett  13:35 
I love what you said that, you know, they weren’t all successful. And you know, that’s not everything you do is not going to be successful. But you’ve learned so much from those failures. You said, you took those and used it to pivot and make your next adventure or venture even better, even bigger, because now you have so much more knowledge and experience where if you didn’t take action at all, you just be sitting here saying, Hey, I wish I would have done that.

Joubert Caston  14:06 
Throughout the different ventures, I always told myself things might not be successful. However, the actions that you take towards your goal will always be a success. We always want and we always dreamed that things are going to be successful. And when they’re not we dwell on the fact that they weren’t successful. Instead of patting ourselves on the back, that we actually took action, which was technically a success. Every failed venture that you acted on is a success. It’s nothing you you might have take, you might have taken a little bit of a loss financially. But if you can recover and have that confidence in yourself the pivot, it’s actually a very successful venture. So I don’t believe in I don’t believe in failure as a loss. You know, I will keep pulling trigger on things that I Want to do and keep losing as much? I mean, hopefully. Hopefully that is, you know, the fact that there’s there’s, there’s there’s a positive side to every loss. Yeah, it’s

Meghan Q Barrett  15:14 
Your mindset and how you look at it, you could have taken that first loss is a blow to you as a person. And you could have quit right then. Right? But instead, you decided to look at it and say, Hey, like, what can I take for that from this? And let me move forward on to the next one.

Joubert Caston  15:33 
Right. And that’s it. That’s just purely the beauty of life. Right? Every everyday we’re able to wake up, we’re given an opportunity. So anybody who I can touch, talk to anybody who’s willing to listen, I, one thing I really live by is, each day that we wake up, we have an opportunity. Don’t dwell on losses. And I hope that people can instill that confidence to do whatever they want to do. If not, they can come talk to people like us.

Meghan Q Barrett  16:06 
Yeah, we’re here for you. Totally. Alright. So you want to inspire people you want to help people out? So tell us what is one piece of advice that you’ve received that changed you or your life?

Joubert Caston  16:21 
You know, it goes back to when I was a high school football player, I was always a big guy, as you know, a big guy. Wait, I was, I was big. I was always too heavy to play Pop Warner Football. So being a high school, it was my first time actually playing organized football. And when I started playing organized football, I started out being very timid, my freshman year was a learning curve. And learning how to do a three point stance, learning how to use his body and being an athlete. And football was a huge learning curve. My sophomore year, a second game, it was the second game going into it, I believe, or plan samurai in high school. And something popped inside of me that it just allowed me to let go. Like I kind of felt like I really, I had some want the ability in the game to excel and end up having a good game. And I was executed on different plays. And I remember going back to the sideline, and my coach slapped me on my helmet. And you know, he, he let me know, cuz he knew I was coming off pretty timid. And he let me know, as long as I keep that fire inside me lit, that I’ll be unstoppable. And to those of you who know me who knew all my hashtags I live in I go by “keepsitlit”. And it’s really all about for everybody, everybody is “keeps it lit.” Because if you can instill that sense of energy inside you to never let that fire go. unless everyone can be unstoppable. We all can be unstoppable. We all are “keeps it lit.” So that’s one piece of advice that I’d give the people it’s just keep that fire lit and keep going for whatever you believe.

Meghan Q Barrett  18:01 
And I think that really comes down to having a solid why, like, why are you doing this? Why are we going through life? What do you want to achieve? What what are you keeping lit? And, you help keep other people “lit” too on your podcast #Keepsitlit.

Joubert Caston  18:22 
Yeah, you know, realistically, it’s all about just being there. You know, when you talk about communication, a lot of the times people over communicate, and they don’t have people on the other end to really listen to how they communicate. So when people go into things, and they have these visions and goals, a lot of the times they don’t have that person on the other side to actually listen, give that feedback, have them believe in themselves and give credit give kind of advice, not to change their plan. Because we shouldn’t be around anybody in life that actually changes our course or changes our plan unless we want that, you know, that’s a part of our vision. And that’s something that we want to pivot to because that could help us and that’s good. Don’t let anybody change your vision, change your plan. Surround yourself around people who actually want the best for you, no matter what your ideas, and be around that support system and have it and be blessed by it because that’s gonna keep that fire lit.

Meghan Q Barrett  19:20 
Definitely. Alright, so we’re wrapping up here, but I would be remiss if I did not mention on the moms podcast on Mama’s Daily Dose that Joubert is becoming a first time dad in May of this year,

Joubert Caston  19:36 
Man, man to a baby girl.

Meghan Q Barrett  19:39 
And I mean, you were always meant to have a girl I knew it. You you may have five more. I don’t know but they will all be girls.

Joubert Caston  19:48 
Hashtag girl dad. Raising Queens now I was. You know, I’m very blessed. And I’m so so so excited. I can’t wait. I mean, literally, I’m practicing that mirror right behind me right now, I don’t know if this is gonna go live and people will see the video within that mirror right there. I’ve been practicing always say no to my baby girl coming.

Meghan Q Barrett  20:12 
you may want to put your energy somewhere else.

Joubert Caston  20:14 
I know, I know, I know, I know, she’s already gotten me.

Meghan Q Barrett  20:19 
And let me tell you, you are going to get advice from every which way. And most of it will be unsolicited. So I’m going to give you some words of encouragement, I’ll call it as, as a mom and someone that works with moms every day is you know, just pay attention to the mom, you know, check in with her because all of a sudden, her life changes and it’s no longer about her. Everything’s about that little baby girl. And even all of her focus goes on that baby girl and she forgets about herself. So just make sure she’s taken care of too.

Joubert Caston  20:57 
Well, you know what? So it’s, it’s funny that you say that, because I’ve learned that specifically from listening to your podcasts. And I’ve been so into I’m one of your biggest fans, your podcast has actually when when finding out that I was having, having a child. You know, I went back and I go back and I listen to your podcast. I see all your posts, which are just amazing. And so yeah, best believe I’ll put that into fruition because I’m gonna listen to the mama.

Meghan Q Barrett  21:28 
When in doubt, listen to the mama. You know, that’s all I had. Well, thank you so much for joining us today. I’m so excited. And I hope this inspires all you mamas out there to go after your goals, “keepsitlit” and just keep going.

Joubert Caston  21:52 
And it was such a pleasure to be here to all you mamas out here. You all of you are the true queens. So beautiful, so powerful. Seeing this experience firsthand, of just that baby developing just goes to show and it gives proof that mamas are queens and are the most powerful human beings in this world. So keep doing you you go girls.

Meghan Q Barrett  22:15 
Well, thank you, Jou, have a fantastic day.

Joubert Caston  22:18 
You too, you too, you too. Love you.

Meghan Q Barrett  22:25 
Mama, your action today is to keep that fire lit. And the way you keep the fire lit is by moving forward and taking action every single day. Like Jou said, each day we wake up we have an opportunity and that is just the beauty of life. So take this opportunity and take action because that is going to be a success. What is one thing you are going to do today, and like we talked about yesterday, keep it small. Go do it again today. repeat it, repeat it, repeat it. If you need a little extra light in your life. Be sure to follow Jou. He’s not lying when he says if he can give anything it’s help and he loves it because he does love that and you can feel that energy coming off of him. Give him a follow at @keepsitlit on Instagram and the castongroup.com. And while you’re on Instagram if you don’t already follow me, give me a follow to @MeghanQBarrett and that is Meghan with an H if you need some help and support, Jou and I are there for you and have a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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