144 – “Who could I have become if I had finally done the things I always wanted to do?” – Oprah

Hey, Mama, this is a Mama’s Daily Dose. I’m Meghan Q Barrett of allyoumama.com. Go ahead and thank yourself for listening to this podcast. It’s a couple days before Christmas, and you are probably not on the top of your list of things that you are thinking about right now. So just thank you so much for taking this time for you. Now, what do you want to do? So many moms have young children that I’ve come across, feel so lost and confused. They don’t know what direction they want to take their lives, and they don’t know what is going to give them meaning and purpose outside of being a mom. And to help us with this question today. I have a quote from Oprah,  “Who could I have become if I had finally done the things I always wanted to do?” Well, that’s get moving, before we get interrupted.

Purpose, what is my purpose on this earth? And I don’t think there is any one answer to that question for people I feel like everyone is searching for what is my purpose? What was I created for? And the answer is, you really know it, it’s in you, you can create your purpose, and what you want to do and what is going to make you feel fulfilled. No one else can answer this question. Except for you. Because you know yourself the best. And for so long, moms of young children, we aren’t thinking about what we want. We’re thinking about what the kids want, and what the kids need. And that is biological, right? Like, that comes down from just trying to survive. And in, you know, caveman times, we’re thinking about our kids first, because we need to keep our lineage going. We need to keep people alive and keep going. And in modern times, we’re not as concerned about necessarily keeping our kids alive. But we are concerned with keeping our kids safe, and happy, but many times to the detriment of ourselves, because all of our headspace and all of our energy is going towards our children, when really, the best way that we can teach our children is by being. So if you want your kids to be happy and be purpose filled, and is that a word purpose filled, yep, sure, filled or have a purpose, the best way to do that is to exemplify it. So what do you want to do? What are those things that you’ve thought of doing that you’re like, Oh, my God, that’s so crazy. I could never do that. Because that is a starting point. As I said, it’s already within you. Your purpose is already within you. You just need to ask yourself, and bring it to life. And ask yourself who can I become when I am doing what I want to do? What kind of person what kind of mom? Are you going to be when you are happy, fulfilled and confident?

Take some action today, Mama. I know it’s like two days before Christmas. But you know what? Before you know it, it’s going to be the new year. Time to set some new goals. What do you want to do? So ask yourself today, what do I want? And what do I want to become? Who will I be when I am doing what I want to do? And have a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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