141 – When you feel Mom Guilt – ask yourself this…

Hey mama. This is Mama’s Daily Dose. I’m Meghan Q Barrett of allyoumama.com. Welcome to the week of Christmas, where you may be feeling excited, but also overwhelmed, stressed, and a little bit guilt ridden, which is totally normal, you are trying to do so much with a finite amount of time. Mamas daily Dose is… When you feel mom guilt, ask yourself this… Well, let’s get moving, before we get interrupted. 

Ah, mom guilt, it’s going to be there, it’s going to come up like any other emotions that come up, because we don’t really have control over our emotions. And they’re not bad. That’s the initial feeling that comes up. But it’s your reaction to it that you do have control over. And especially this time of year, moms tend to feel more guilt because we are just trying to get everything done. We’re trying to make everyone happy. We’re trying to make the holidays so special. We want it to be this amazing time that we’re trying so hard, that we’re really just been a detriment to ourselves. And then we feel guilty because we feel like we should have done this or we should have done that. And the whole thing about guilt is you need to ask yourself this one question. A lot of mom guilt comes from doing something different. Not because we are doing something bad. 

So the question you need to ask yourself the next time you feel mom guilt coming on, or you have that intense feeling of like, should I be doing this? I feel so guilty about this. Ask yourself, am I feeling guilty because this is different? Or am I feeling guilty, because this is something bad or something wrong? And the majority of the time, the guilt is coming from doing something different. And our brains just don’t like different. We are wired to stay the same stay on the same track, stay on the same routine, do the same things. And so that’s where that guilt comes in, is from doing something different. So the next time you feel guilty, just ask yourself, Is it because I’m doing something different? Or because this is actually bad or wrong?

Mama take some action today. If you feel guilt coming on today. Ask yourself that question. Am I feeling guilty because I’m doing something bad or wrong? Or because it’s just different? And if you don’t feel guilt today, think back to a time when you did feel guilty recently. And what was the reason for that guilt? Was it different? Or was it wrong or bad? Because the majority of the time Mama is because it is different. I don’t want you feeling guilty for trying something new. You are allowed to try new things and do things for yourself. So go out there, do something new and don’t feel guilty about it. And have a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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