138 – Could it be a midlife crisis?

Hey mama. This is Mama’s Daily Does I’m Meghan Q Barrett of allyoumama.com. Whether or not you want to admit it, you’re probably getting closer to that midlife age. And you know, there’s always this talk about a midlife crisis. And you know, people go out and they buy motorcycles and they do crazy things. They go on yoga retreats to India or whatever, they try to find themselves or make this big change in their life, but maybe a midlife crisis isn’t really that sudden, and it’s not super surprising. And maybe it’s really not this bad thing, that society and people make it out to be. Mama’s Daily Dose is… Could it be a midlife crisis? Let’s get moving, before we get interrupted.
A midlife crisis is usually described as you know, someone that used to be this responsible person all of a sudden changes, you know, their values and what they want to do in these like crazy, surprising ways. But what if you’re change, or this midlife crisis, or what I would like to say is a change that you are just making at a certain age is really not so sudden, what if it is just a build up of years upon years of self denial, and you’re not coming out and saying that, for all these years, you have been putting other people’s needs first, and your body and your mind, and your spirit finally just got fed up with it, and was like, Hey, you kind of go make a change. Now, maybe you do wake up one morning. And it is like this instant change. You’re like, I’m changing careers, I’m going back to work, I’m becoming a stay at home mom, now, whatever that change is for you. But it’s been a build up of something that you have been holding inside for so long that it could no longer stay there, that it just had to come out. And it’s not a crisis. It’s really just a change. It’s a change that you’ve needed, and that your body needed. It’s a change of you becoming your self putting yourself first and no longer putting everyone else’s needs before you.

Mama, let’s take away this stigma of midlife crisis and just change, change whenever you want to. You can have as many changes as you need to, Mama. What would be your big crazy change? Are you one of those people that would go buy a motorcycle or are you like going to go on a yoga retreat to Costa Rica and go in the jungle and meet a whole bunch of monkeys and stuff? What is that crazy thing? And maybe it’s just not that crazy. Sometimes the things that we think are the craziest are the best ideas and are the things that are going to make us the happiest. Be sure to tune in tomorrow we are talking a little bit more about like this midlife thing, which is so crazy. I mean, like 35 thinking that’s midlife… I’m like… anyways, tune in tomorrow we have a nice quote on midlife and just kind of going through the motions of life. Because I know you have felt that before. And have a great day for your mama guilt because you deserve it.

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