99 – Take out the word “just”

Hey Mama, this is Mama’s Daily Dose. I’m Meghan Q Barrett of allyoumama.com. Quote Thursday today, and today’s quote comes from me, and was inspired from our Stay at Home and Working Moms Panel that you can find on this podcast as well. It aired September 9 2021, between episodes 69 and 70. And Mama’s daily Dose is..  “take out the word JUST.” Let’s get moving, before we get interrupted. 

We’re talking about the word “just” today, especially in the context of things that you do. And Stephanie in the Stay at Home Mom and Working Mom Panel was talking about some judgments that she had received of being a stay at home mom. And one of those is when people say, JUST a stay at home mom. And I know that I had caught myself saying that before when people would say “hey, what do you do?” And I’m like, “Oh, I JUST stay at home with my kids” or “I’m JUST a stay at home mom.” And that totally demeans and brings down your sense of purpose when you say the word “just” because it’s so much more than that. 

The word “just” should not be associated with anything that you do. I didn’t “just” get the dishes done today. You know, I got the dishes done. That is something! All right, it’s not “just” anything. So take out the word just when it is associated with anything that you are or that you do. Especially if you are a stay at home mom because there is no “just” in being a mom at all. Especially a stay at home mom when you are with your kids all day, say it proudly. The next time someone asks you what you do stand up a little bit taller and say, “I’m a stay at home mom.” Or the next time somebody asks you what you did today, when your house looks a mess, and the kids are crazy and nothing seems to be going right. Stand up a little bit taller and say, “I got out of bed today. And I did the day.” There’s no “just” in you and there’s no “just” in what you do. Everything you do is an accomplishment and treat it that way. 

Mama, I really challenge you to take it just out of your vocabulary when you are talking about yourself, your achievements, really anything about you. And you know what, tomorrow is a big huge podcast we are celebrating the 100th episode. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow and have a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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