94 – To vasectomy or not?

Hey, Mama, this is Mama’s Daily Dose. I’m Meghan Q Barrett of allyoumama.com. It is, quote Thursday. And this week’s quote comes from me, and kind of an argument conversation that I’ve been having with both myself, and my husband, and Mama’s Daily Dose is… to vasectomy or not? Lets get moving, before we get interrupted.

There’s many couples out there that aren’t totally on the same page of how many children that they want. And my husband and I weren’t necessarily on the same page. But we weren’t on totally different pages, either. He was pretty much like, I want two kids. And we’re done. And I’m just kind of, I don’t know, we’ll see, I grew up as an only child, I have three half siblings, but they’re all much older than me. So, I basically grew up as an only child. I always knew that I wanted at least two children. But you know, there was like this idea of, I thought it’d be awesome to have this big family and you know, sit around at holidays and all that stuff. So I was kind of like, on the fence, maybe two to four was what I was thinking back before I had children.

So after we had our second child, my husband was ready to make that vasectomy appointment. And I was like, okay, not yet. Let’s slow your roll. And I want to be in a sane mind to make this decision because I feel like in the first year to two years after having a baby, my mind isn’t totally straight on. Even after my first son. I knew I wanted a second child, but I could not even think about getting pregnant until after my oldest was well beyond one years old. So I told my husband I said, “Let’s wait till about two years and I feel like I can make a little bit more of a sound decision on this and be in the right headspace.”

So here we are coming up on the week of my younger son’s Saxons birthday. And my husband has made an appointment for his vasectomy consultation as soon as I was like, “okay, make the appointment.” I got like an alert in my calendar, maybe 10 minutes later that the appointment was on there. And it’s kind of weird, it’s like it’s a weird feeling that I don’t really know if our family is totally complete yet. But what I do know is that I don’t really want to be pregnant and postpartum and things like that, and all that goes along with that. So there are other ways to add to our family, if that is what fits in with us and what we want to do in the future. But for now, the answer is…vasectomy.

Mama, I want to hear your experiences with vasectomies. And if you had a difference of opinion on how many kids you or your partner wanted…I want to know all about it. Let’s talk and check out the post and comment on my Instagram @MeghanQBarrett. And that is Meghan with an H. Can’t wait to hear about it and have a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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