123 – “Many people complain of an unknown future…”

Hey mama. This is Mama’s Daily Dose. I’m Meghan Q Barrett of allyoumama.com. Happy Hump day and the day before Thanksgiving, I know today can be a little hectic. So thank you for tuning in today, and taking this time for yourself. With tomorrow being Thanksgiving and the holidays rolling right around there. It is a hectic time and a time where people start thinking about the past, worrying about the future, they don’t have enough time I don’t have enough money. All of these worries when we just need to slow down and kind of live in the present for a little while. So I have a special quote for us on this Wednesday. And Mama’s daily dose is a quote from Dr. Srini Pillay in his book Life Unlocked, “Many people complain of unknown future. But the truth is, for many, even the present is unknown, because when they’re in it, they are seeing it through the lens of the past.” Let’s get moving before we get interrupted.

Many, if not most people tend to live in the past because you know what our brains like the familiar. So we like to see something and compare it to something that happened in the past. I remember when my in laws came to visit my husband and I when we lived in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, they came and they just kept saying, oh my gosh, this is just like Mexico, this is just like Mexico. And I looked at my husband, I’m like this is nothing like Mexico like this is the Middle East. And it was really just their brains, trying to find some familiarity in a completely unknown place. We don’t like the unknown, that brings anxiety. And that brings fear. So we are constantly taking where we are right now in the present, and comparing it to something in the past so that we feel a little bit more comfortable with it. So that can be a little confusing, right? Because you think you’re living in the present, but really, you’re in the past. So how do you actually know that you are in the present moment? And I had this conversation with a friend of mine that I was like, it’s weird, because when you’re actually in the present, I’m like, I’m not thinking, hey, I’m really in this present moment. It’s when I have that reflection, and I look back and I was like, hey, like I was really, in that moment. I wasn’t worried about what was happening in the future. I wasn’t thinking about something in the past. I was just enjoying that time. So the next time you want to try to compare something that’s happening right now, to something that happened in the past. Acknowledge that take a breath and see if you can just fully experience what is happening in the present right now. 

Mama have a fabulous day before Thanksgiving. And if it’s getting crazy, getting everything together, just take that moment to breathe and enjoy the moment and what you have right now. And I would be extremely, extremely grateful if you would go ahead and leave a five star review if you have not already. That helps this podcast keep going. Reaching many more mamas and just honestly, getting better mamas out there is going to help our kids to be better and just getting it going generation through generation. And hey, have a great day free of mama guilt and enjoy your Thanksgiving tomorrow, because you deserve it.

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