122 – Make gratitude a habit

Hey Mama. This is Mama’s Daily Dose. I’m Meghan Q Barrett of allyoumama.com. Okay, so we are 23 days into November. So if you’ve been keeping your gratitude journal each day, you are well on your way to making it a habit. And on top of that, it’s almost the end of the year, going into the new year, everyone wants to create new effective habits. So Mama’s daily dose is… make gratitude a habit. Let’s go move on before we get interrupted.

Habits can be effective or ineffective, they can work for you, or they can work against you in relation to who you want to be, or what your goals are. I don’t really like to say good or bad, I don’t really like to label things good or bad in general, because it depends on what you want to be and what your goals are. Only you can decide if those are effective, or ineffective for you. And in order to make something a habit, we have to first start thinking about it, it has to be like super conscious. And I kind of think about it like driving, okay, when you were 15-16 years old, and you started driving you got in that car, you’re like, Okay, let me put my foot on the brake. Okay, turn the ignition on. Alright, look at the mirror, okay, put it in reverse look back. Alright, did I put my signal on, you know, the deal, all of that. And now when you get in the car, you don’t even think about all that stuff, all of a sudden, you turn on the car, and then you are at your destination that you need to be at, and you don’t have to really think about it, because it has become a habit, your unconscious is essentially driving that vehicle. And now it takes a lot of work to get from that conscious point of learning how to drive to that unconscious point of where you are now where you just pretty much end up at your destination. So one way to really get the habit started, especially with gratitude, is to remind yourself everyday to do that. And one way that I found really effective, especially for gratitude, is to put my journal on my bed. So every night when I go to sleep, instead of just being like, Okay, I’ll skip it today. I’m going to sleep. It’s sitting right there. For me. It is a reminder, it’s like okay, Meghan, just do it. It’s right there. It’s not that much more work. And PS this also works really well if you want to start reading at night, putting your journal and or a book there. So just kind of having that daily reminder that it is right there. It is simple. It’s not going to take that much more time. And it’s not like I lay in bed and then I’m like, Oh crap, I got to get up. Go get my journal. Go write everything down. Because pretty much once I lay in bed, it’s kind of over. I’m not getting back up. So take that journal, put it on your bed today. Go grab it right now. Put it on your bed, so that before you go to sleep tonight, you are ready, just write it down. One minute, you’re good. Go to bed on a high note and wake up tomorrow, ready for the day.

Mama, it can be tough to get new habits going new effective habits that you want in your life. But start thinking small, just putting that journal on your bed. Waking up five minutes early, these small little things will add up and they will compound into big changes. And if you need some help waking up, we got that five minute morning program for you that will guide you each morning for one week to get you thinking about your goals, what you want, and what you want for the future who you want to be and those habits that you want to instill. Grab it now at allyoumama.com/5minutes. That’s the number five. And you know what? Tomorrow we have a special quote day. I know it’s Wednesday but I wanted to throw it in and have a great day free mama guilt because you deserve it.

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