119 – “Your thoughts have consequences so great that they create your reality”

Hey mama. This is Mama’s daily dose. I’m Meghan Q Barrett of allyoumama.com. Welcome to quote Thursday, and before we get in our quote, make sure you write down your three things that you are grateful for today. And Mama’s daily dose is… a quote from Dr. Joe Dispenza in his book, “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself,” “Your thoughts have consequences, so great that they create your reality.” Let’s get moving, before we get interrupted.

First off, just a little note on this book…fantastic book. But it is a little difficult to get through, I think you have to be at the right mind space and place in your life in order to read and receive this book, because I tried to read it about two years ago or so two or three years ago. And I got through the first two chapters and was just like WTF, I don’t get what this is saying. I’m not really into it. And I gave that book away. I bought it again, a couple months ago, just finished it. It’s fantastic. And the point that he is driving across in this quote, is that what you believe, and what you think creates your reality, we all live different realities, because our thoughts and beliefs actually create what we see, you see what you believe there’s so many other things going on in the world, but you actually get to choose what you see going on in the world. And if you get to choose what you think and what you believe, and what you see, then in turn, you get to choose your reality, you get to create your reality. And this goes in line with our whole game for the month of November of gratitude. So if you choose to believe in gratitude, and to see gratitude and to see the good, then that is what you are going to see in your reality. But if you choose to focus on the negative, think about the negative believe, see the negative, then that is what your reality is going to be your reality is going to be negative. So knowing that you actually get to choose what your reality is, is extremely powerful. So if you’re living in a reality right now that you aren’t super happy with, maybe things look awesome, from the outside, you have the kids, you have the partner, you have the car, you have the house, but your reality is not so happy. Then you got to look on the inside, you got to look to those thoughts, and those beliefs that you have, because that is really what’s going to create your reality. Not all these things that are on the outside. And you get to control those thoughts and those beliefs. So what do you want your reality to look like?

Mama, if you are a person that feels like you kind of have everything that you ever dreamt for, but you still don’t feel super happy about it, like everything looks great on the outside, but doesn’t feel great on the inside. You need to take a look at those thoughts and beliefs, because that is what’s going to create your reality. And if you need a little bit of help with that book, you’re Confident Mama Session for 50 minutes, we’re going to talk about you what you want, what you want to believe and that reality that you want to create. And from now till the end of the year. There’s a special for $59 and if you book by the end of this week as well, I’ll give you the five minute morning program for free. That’s a $39 value. So basically, you’re getting this 50 minute session for $20! And help to create the reality that you want. Book now at allyoumama.com And have a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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