109 – “Each generation will continue to f up their children…” – Jenny Lawson

Hey mama. This is Mama’s daily dose. I’m Meghan Q Barrett of allyoumama.com. It is, quote Thursday. But don’t forget to write down your three things that you are grateful for. We are doing that all month long for the month of November, and hopefully beyond. But focus on getting it done… three things a day, for 30 days. And Mama’s daily  dose is… a quote from Jenny Lawson, in her book “Broken (in the Best Way Possible)” “Each generation will continue to F up their kids…” Let’s moving, before we get interrupted.

This is one of those quotes that helps you know that you are not alone, we will all F up our children in some way. Our parents F’ed us up in some way. And it will continue to happen generation after generation after generation. Because beliefs and actions from your parents tend to get passed on and a lot of it is done subconsciously. And unless you bring your conscious into that, you will probably pass along the same things that your parents passed to you… onto your kids, and so on, and so forth. So if there are some things that your parents, quote unquote, Fed up on, and you don’t want to do the same to your children, then you need to make that conscious decision and make that conscious change. So that you can change that cycle. And the cool thing is that it is up to you, you can raise your kids, the way that you want to raise them, you don’t have to keep going through the same cycles that have been going on for generations. And you can pick and choose with what you like. There were these things that you like that your parents and your grandparents did, and these ones that you didn’t, it’s Choose Your Own Adventure, how you want to raise your children, but just know that you’re not alone in the fact that you will F up your children in some way. Because nobody is perfect. You might think that this is the best way for your children right now. And you’re doing the best that you can. But later on, when they look, look back on it, they might think, Oh, I wish it had been done this way.

And we all have that in common that at some point, we need to forgive our parents that they were trying the best that they could. And we’re doing the best that we can. And at some point, we’re going to need our kids to forgive us, too. So just know that it’s bound to happen, you’re going to F up your kids in some way. And it’s just gonna happen. But you know what, that’s a part of life. And it’s a part of a choice. And when you become an adult, you need to take responsibility for that. You need to forgive the people that need to be forgiven. And you need to make the changes that you want to make.

Mama, if there’s some changes that you want to make in your life, and some goals that you want to reach, and you set out to make those changes this year, and they haven’t happened yet. And there’s less than two months left. Let’s make a change now. Don’t write it off the rest of this year. And oh, I’ll do it next year. That’ll be my new year’s resolution next year. Now is the time to do it. And I’m offering a special on my Confident Mama Session, which is a 50 minute session, where we go over what your goals are and what changes you want to see. And you will get a specific strategy just for you. The regular price is $150 and from now until the end of the year, you can get it for $59! Book your session today at allyoumama.com And have a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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