102 – When your routine gets interrupted

Hey mama. This is Mama’s Daily Dose. I’m Meghan Q Barrett of allyoumama.com. Mama’s Daily Dose is… when your routine gets interrupted. Let’s get moving, before we get interrupted. 

You’re a Mama and you know all about getting interrupted, what it feels like to get interrupted… to have a plan for something… to get interrupted in that… basically being a mom and getting interrupted, goes hand in hand. And you can get super upset about having your routine or your plan or whatever getting interrupted, or you can try to find an alternative solution to it as well. And I have been reminded of what one of our guests Kiana had said in an interview, which I’ll link in the show notes. And she said, as a working mom that owns her own business, that she just had to find these little pockets of time. And I am just constantly reminded of that and looking for these little pockets of time. And when I look for them, it’s like they magically appear. Recently, my younger son who is two years old has been waking up super early, like before six o’clock. And I purposefully wake up early, so that I can work on my business meditate and read. And the first couple days, I was getting super frustrated at it. Like you know, this is my time. This is why I wake up early. And it’s just getting interrupted and it’s getting ruined. But as that happened, then throughout the day, I started looking for these other little pockets of time that I could get things done. And all of a sudden, these pockets of time were appearing. Like both of my kids would take a nap, which hasn’t happened in a long time. But I was able to get some of my work done then. Or they would go outside and play with one of the neighbors. Or I was able to have my mom take my older son for a little while. So, I actually had enough time to work. And there are just all these little times, that can add up to so much. And when we have a goal or we have a plan, we need to know where we’re gonna go. But we need to be flexible in the way that we get there. And as a mama, I know, that you know, all about flexibility. So we can’t be married to the how. But we need to know where we want to go. And the path will kind of just appear there and will lead us there have some faith in the universe or whatever you have faith in for those little pockets of time to appear that you need to not only get stuff done, but to take care of yourself. 

Mama, look out for those small pockets of time. You can use them to your advantage and use them productively not only to get things done, but to maybe just sit down and relax and take some time for you. Because if you work hard enough, I guarantee you will find those little pockets of time and take a listen to the podcast with Kiana as well. It is linked in the show notes here…and it’s on this podcast Mama’s Daily Dose The Interviews. And have a great day for your mama guilt because you deserve it.

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