84 – Not feeling appreciated

Hey Mama. This is Mama’s Daily Dose. I’m Meghan Q Barrett of allyoumama.com. It is a very special Thursday around here. Not only is it quote day, but it is the last Thursday of the month. So, that means the next round of Selfish Mamas Club is beginning tonight. Today is your last day to register for this month. And if you miss out today, we got to wait all the way until the end of October. So get signed up today. Take one hour a week for yourself. Focus on you what you want to do and get the connection that you need and deserve as a mama. Call starts tonight at 8pm Eastern time. And if for some reason you can’t meet with us at that time, everything is recorded for you as well get signed up at allyoumama.com. 

Mama’s Daily Dose is… a quote from CJ Schneider, and her book, Mother’s of the Village, “For many mothers loneliness isn’t about idle chitchat. It is about the feeling of not being a productive and appreciated part of a group, team, or network.” Lets get moving before we get interrupted.

Everyone out there wants to feel loved and appreciated. We want to feel like we are bringing something to the table and people appreciate what we are doing. Whether you are a mom, whether it’s your children, whether it’s a stranger on the street, we all want love and appreciation. You led a life before you became a mom. Maybe you had a career and you felt like you were really adding to this company or your own business. And you heard people say, “Thank you, you did a great job, atta girl” all the time. And then you become a mom, and you’re doing everything for this tiny human. And you don’t hear “Thank you.” And then when they become older, maybe they say thank you here and there…you’re teaching them manners… but a lot of the time, you don’t feel appreciated for all the effort that you are putting in. 

And while we can’t always look to outside sources for validation, just hearing that “Thank you, you matter, you’re doing an awesome job” can go such a far way. And when moms don’t feel appreciated, or like they’re really adding value, that’s when we start to feel really lonely. It’s like, “Is what I’m doing enough? Is this is this all there is because I’m not feeling that appreciation that I know I deserve.” This reminds me of a quote from the working mom and stay at home mom panel that one of the moms Danielle said that she promoted herself to house manager. So she gave herself that appreciation that she was looking for. So if you aren’t getting that outside validation, validate yourself, give yourself a promotion, give yourself a pat on the back, whatever it is that you need and you deserve. It can come from you it doesn’t need to come from outside sources.

Mama, have a great Thursday. Make sure you get signed up for Selfish Mamas Club starting tonight, Thursday, September 30. And hey, we don’t all need outside validation… but a lot of times it’s nice. So when you come across somebody today, just tell them how much you appreciate them. And have a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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