81 – You don’t have to make your life about your kids to be a good mom

Hey Mama. This is Mama’s Daily Dose. I’m Meghan Q Barrett of allyoumama.com. It is Monday and the last Monday of September, which means that registration for Selfish Mamas Club is officially open. And you can register today and take one hour a week of time just for you to focus on who you what you want to do, and do it on apologetically, and get connected with mamas that are putting themselves first to go to allyoumama.com to get registered, we start on Thursday night, see you there. And Mama’s Daily Dose is… you don’t have to make your life about your kids to be a good mom. Let’s get moving, before we get interrupted.

There is quite a bit to say, on this one sentence. So I’m going to break it up into two parts and it will be a two part series. So the second part will be tomorrow. And the first part I want to break down is the “good mom” part. That what even makes a “good mom?” What is the criteria for a good mom? And everyone’s criteria is different. Because our minds like to have things make sense. And in order for things to make sense, we have to put things or criteria or people in boxes. So these things are good, and these things are bad. And in order for something to be good. There has to be something that is bad. I went into this a little bit on my IGTV talking about vaccinations versus unvaccinated and how people on both sides are judging, because in order for your side to look good, the other side has to look bad. So in order for you to look good, there has to be someone else out there, doing the opposite, and that is bad. 

So I just want to debunk this whole good mom thing first and say that you are an amazing Mom. You are doing the absolute best that you can with the information and the knowledge and experience that you have in this point in time. And that is all that we can ask for of anybody, is that they go out there and try their best. I’m sure you found yourself saying that to your kids. Like, you know they’re at a sports game and it’s like “okay, go out there and just give it your best” and that’s all you can ask for. And that’s all you can ask for as a mom as well; is just to go out there and do your best. And if you need to know if you’re a good mom or not. If you’re trying your best – you’re a good mom.

Have a great Monday mama and make sure you head on over to allyoumama.com and get registered for Selfish Mamas Club that starts this Thursday, September 30. And have a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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