80 – Why your kid picks their nose

Hey Mama. This is Mama’s Daily Dose. I’m Meghan, Q Barrett of allyoumama.com. Happy, Happy Friday, and Mama’s Daily Dose is… does your kid pick their nose? Let’s get moving before we get interrupted,

Find anything good up there? That’s what I find myself asking my four year old quite often. And then my nearly two year old tends to do exactly what he’s doing. So then he starts picking his nose, too. And it’s totally normal. I mean, tons of kids pick their noses. But what’s interesting about nose picking, is we’re bringing it back to the theme this week of everything is a reflection of you; everything is a mirror on you. So your kids are picking their noses, because you pick your nose. Right, you’ve probably picked your nose at some point in your life. You’ve probably picked your nose in front of your kids. And that is why they now pick their noses. So this is just a really visual way of saying that everything is really a reflection of you. Everything that you are doing, that you are saying is a reflection of you. And there is no larger mirror in this world than our children. Because I know when I hear my son say certain things, or I see him picking his nose, I’m like, that’s me, right there. So just know that everything that’s going on in this world, everything that you see, everything that you see on your TV screen inside of your mind, is a reflection of what is inside of you. And you in general, what you view as good, what you view as bad. It’s all about you.

I hope you had a fantastic week and enjoyed our slightly woo woo series on everything is a reflection of you. If you have not already get signed up for Selfish Mamas Club. Registration is open now at allyoumama.com and it will close on Thursday, September 30, next Thursday, which starts our first call of this next round. If you don’t get in by then, then you got to wait till the end of November. Take this hour focus on you. Get some help on what you want to achieve, be held accountable and go after what you want because you deserve it, too. And have a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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