74 – Finding mom friends is like dating…

Hey Mama, this is Mama’s Daily Dose. I’m Meghan Q Barrett of allyoumama.com. Well, it is Thursday again, and it is time for a quote, The quote today comes from yours truly – “Finding mom friends is like dating, but without being treated to dinner, flirty texts, and sex..or maybe it is; no judgement.” Let’s get movin, before we get interrupted.

How you choose your friends, and what you do is totally up to you. But as a mama, we all know the struggle of finding mom friends, not only just finding friends that we kind of, like jive with, but you know, friends that we can make the time for, that our kids get along with and play well with, that we can actually really connect to and are kind of vibing on the same level that we are. I know I have made a ton of mom acquaintances. And I am so grateful for all of them. Because sometimes you just need somebody to stand at the park with you while your kids are playing, so that you feel a little less lonely too. And just knowing that someone is right there with you going through the same thing at the same exact time.

But sometimes you also need a little more depth to those friendships. And that can be very difficult to find, and difficult to dedicate the time and the energy to as well because a lot of your energy is put into being a mom, and all the things that go along with being a mom. And if you have a career or a business or volunteering or athletics, whatever it is, outside of that all wrapped up into your life, and just trying to keep your current relationships afloat too and then adding that in can be an extra stress.

But it’s also something that we need, we need to feel a part of a group we need to feel seen, heard and understood and being with people that are, you know, in the same boat as you can be so comforting that you know that they’ve either been through the same thing, they’re probably going to go through it, or they’ve been through something super similar and can empathize with your situation. And in order to find these mom friends, you got to put yourself out on the line a bit. We talked a few weeks ago about you know, can I get your number? It’s like dating, but you don’t get to go out on these fancy dates. And you don’t have all… I mean maybe you get some flirty texts… And usually there’s no sex involved. As I said, no judgment. You do you. So it may not be quite as fun as being back in the dating scene, but it certainly is just as awkward.

Great news. I have taken out some of the burden of finding the mom friends that are on the same level as you join Selfish Mamas Club – registration opens up again next week. It only opens up once a month. So that will be your chance. It is just a time, one hour a week, to focus on you what you want and to feel connected to other mamas that want the same for themselves. If you want more information, check out allyoumama.com and have a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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