72 – Where do you find the time

Hey, Mama. This is Mama’s Daily Dose. I’m Meghan Q Barrett of allyoumama.com. Mama’s Daily Doses is… Where do you find the time? Let’s get moving, before we get interrupted. 

I mentioned it at the end of yesterday’s podcast that successful people use their time efficiently, and unsuccessful people use their time in efficiently. However you view success, you need to be using your time efficiently. Everyone gets the same 24 hours in a day, no one is special and gets any extra time in the day, we’re all given the same amount of time. But some people can get a crap ton of stuff done during the day, while others don’t really get anything done. So how can you be one of those people that uses your time efficiently, and gets the crap done that you want to get done? You have to focus on what your priorities are, what is important to you. Kind of like yesterday how I said, you need to give those hard “NOs”, you need to get rid of those things that are not priorities to you, and give your focus and your time onto what is important to you. 

I honestly get asked this question quite often, like where do I find time to do this podcast, to do my coaching, to read and do the things that I really enjoy doing? And the fact of the matter is, is that I make them priorities. I hardly watch TV anymore, it just is not that appealing to me. And I wake up early in the morning, before my kids get up to work on my business and this podcast, because they’re both important to me. I want to make both of them work. And I want to give my focus to both of them when I’m in that situation. So I get up early, I get my work done. And that way I can focus on my kids throughout the day. The first step is to figure out what is really important to you. And the second step is from yesterday say “no” to the crap that is not important to you. Get rid of those soft “yes”s and just give a hard “NO.” And 3, is really creating that time; getting rid of the stuff that’s inefficient and making room for the things that are efficient. 

Okay, so I have a homework assignment for you today. Today, I want you to write down one thing that you can either decrease your time on or get rid of that is inefficient. And something that you can start doing or do more of that is efficient. And have a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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