70 – First (of many) mom fails – school edition

Hey Mama. This is Mama’s Daily Dose. I’m Meghan Q Barrett, of allyoumama.com. Happy Friday, and my oldest my four year old, had his first day of school this week. So in honor of that, Mama’s Daily Dose is… the first of many mom fails at school. Let’s get moving, before we get interrupted.

I know there will certainly be more. But I would like to share my very first mom fail, school edition with you that happened last year when my son was in three year old preschool. And it was during COVID times. So there were not many activities and things that the parents could be involved in. And they had this end of Year celebration, and I knew that they were having it. And we had the whole signup genius or whatever, and you signed up to bring whatever food or napkins or plates, so I did my thing, I signed up, I sent it with him to school and said, “Hey, you have so much fun at the party.” And I go to pick him up. And as I’m driving up, I see his whole class outside with all of the parents standing there. And I was like, Oh, crap. And the funny thing isn’t like, Oh, no, I totally forgot. I was just like, What the hell was going on? I had absolutely no idea that parents were involved in this. And what’s even better is, it’s not like I was busy doing something when he was at school. At that time, I was burning time at the park down the street. with my youngest, before it was time to pick him up. So I, I totally could have been there. And I just I missed it. I totally missed the part where it said, parents could come to this party. And they were giving you know, it was like the end of the year party. And they had these little books, these memory books that they were giving the kids and all the parents went up too apparently when they receive the memory books. And I just felt horrible and I think the part that made me feel worse was that I remember times that I was waiting at school that I was the last kid to get picked up at school. And so I think it hurt my heart more that it was like I wasn’t only not there for my kid, but I remember me as a young child and that feeling…apparently it didn’t seem to impact him that much at the time. The only thing I can do is forgive myself and I said sorry that I was not there. And I can’t beat myself up over it because you know what? I am surely going to forget another thing at school and I’m not the only mom that has done it and will do it. I assure you if it has not already happened to you, it will at some point. So here’s to some mom school fails. And I would love to hear yours too. Let’s share them. The more we share our experiences, the more connected we feel and you know you’re not alone.

Head on over to my Instagram at @MeghanQBarrett. That’s Meghan with an H and share some of your mom fails. I’d love to hear them, we can laugh together and just know that we’re not alone in our mom fails. I hope you have a fabulous weekend. I will see you next week and have a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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