69 – “Does wanting the best create more stress?”

Hey Mama. This is Mama’s Daily Dose. I’m Meghan Q Barrett of allyoumama.com. Welcome back to quote Thursday, and today is a quote by Abigail Tucker and her book Mom Genes, “One study titled ‘Does Wanting the Best Create More Stress? found that taking baby sign language classes, a hallmark of elite mothering, actually had a potentially detrimental impact on mothers experience of their children. Possibly because our babies only learned to gesture for more, more and more, and it stressed us the heck out.” Let’s get moving, before we get interrupted.

I really like this quote, because when my oldest was a baby, I bought one of those baby sign language books. And I tried to teach him sign language. And he did not actually start using sign language until he started talking. So, he started signaling for more when he was saying more, more, more. So that one didn’t really work. And my second, he is not quite as verbal as early, so he has like a couple he’ll do – “please” and “more.” And sometimes “all done” but not usually. But I think it is so interesting because it does stress us out. Because we’re not only putting pressure on our kids to learn this, we’re putting pressure on ourselves, to teach them it. And sometimes wanting the best not only for your children, but for yourself too, does create more stress in your life. I’m not saying wanting the best for your kids, is always going to create stress in your life. But as with everything, you just kind of have to find what works for you. If teaching your kid sign language is stressing you and your kid out more. It may not be worth it in the long run. But if you’re enjoying it, and your kid is enjoying it, then go with it. But moms have so much stress in our lives that there’s no need to add more. Yes, we want the best for our children, I want the best for my children. But me being super stressed out is also not the best for my kids. We have all these balls that we are juggling as moms. And what we do is we throw more balls into the mix when we really don’t need to. So try to get it down to only a few balls that you’re trying to juggle because juggling two to three balls is a heck of a lot easier than 10 that you’re just throwing every which way. So try to pare down those balls and figure out what is not only important to you, but also what is going to make you happy. And usually stress isn’t what makes you happy.

Mama take a look at everything that you have on your plate or all of those balls that you are juggling, and figure out one or two, that you can just get rid of or can delegate to someone else. And if you haven’t already, give me a follow on Instagram @MeghanQBarrett and that’s Meghan with an H. And have a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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