48 – I want my kids to be risk takers

Hey, Mama. This is Mama’s Daily Dose. I’m Meghan Q Barrett of allyoumama.com. Mamas Daily Dose is… I want my kids to be risk takers. Let’s get moving, before we get interrupted.

One of the biggest fears that adults have is the fear of failure. And a lot of that comes from your childhood, basically, who you are today is a sum of everything that has happened to you and everything that you want to happen to you. So if you are afraid of failure, it’s probably because as a child, you were taught not to take risks, or that if you do take risks, bad things can happen. But the only way to really get ahead in life and to enjoy life, is to take those risks. That’s why people go skydiving and bungee jumping and things like that, because its this big risk. It’s this big adrenaline rush. And I want my kids to go out there and know that they can do anything that they want to do, I want them to be confident that they can achieve what they want to achieve. I mean, I know at the park, my kids are climbers, they climb up on rocks, they’re climbing up on the structure, they’re doing all these crazy things. And I’ve had so many moms or dads, caretakers Look at me, and they’re like, is your kid okay doing that? Like, are they okay? And obviously, I wouldn’t put my kids in any major danger… but, I do want them to take those risks, even on a small scale like that at the playground, and figure things out on their own. Because if they are waiting for us to tell them or show them that everything in life is safe, or this is safe, and that’s dangerous. Then what are they going to do when they go out into the wild on their own. Ask any successful person, how they got to where they are, and they will tell you that they took risks. Many of them were calculated risks, but they took risks. They didn’t just stay in this safe zone. Because that safe zone may be comfortable for a while. But it’s not going to bring you a ton of joy. It’s only going to bring you comfort. So go out there, take some risks, and let your kids take some risks too.

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