45 – Top 3 things NOT to ask in a Moms’ group

Hey, Mama. This is Mama’s Daily Dose. I’m Meghan Q Barrett of allyoumama.com. Mama’s Daily Dose is… the top three things NOT to ask in a moms group. Let’s get moving, before we get interrupted.

If you’ve ever been in one of those Facebook moms groups, or even just hung out in person with moms, I’m sure you have seen these questions. And if you haven’t, just go on to one of those groups right now. And I almost guarantee you, you will see one of these questions that you absolutely should not ask on a moms group.

Number one is “what is this rash?” Oh my gosh, I swear if I see another picture of a rash on one of those moms groups, nobody wants to see your kid’s rash. I’m sorry. If you are very concerned with your kid’s rash, call your doctor or go to urgent care and get it looked at. Do not be posting pictures of rashes. Nobody wants to see it.

Number two, anything that begins with “Should I take my child to urgent care…” If the thought of taking your child to Urgent Care crosses your mind, you should probably take your child to urgent care or once again, call the doctor. Instead of asking a large group of moms that you don’t know on Facebook, instead of wasting that time. Just go and see the doctor.

Last, but certainly not least, do not ask questions that can easily be googled, stop having other people do the legwork for you. You’re actually doing more work. You can type those same questions into Google that you put on that group. And you will get the answer right away. You won’t have to wait for people to do it. Here’s a few examples from actual groups that I’m in, have questions that were asked that can easily be googled.

Where can I get my kids haircut?

What snake is this? That’s how you know I live in North Carolina.

What’s a good trash cleaning service?

And what is the closest children’s place? That clothing that is still open. All of these can easily be googled. People need to do the work for themselves.

Mama, if you are anything like me, and you are tired of seeing these questions in your traditional Mama’s groups, I have something for you. The Selfish Mama’s Club. It is all about being unapologetically you, getting one hour to yourself a week to talk about you to work on you and get the support that you need. Have those supportive mamas that have your back that really truly want to see you succeed and be the best that you can check it out. Allyouama.com/selfishmamasclub. Our first meeting will be Thursday, August 26. And that is when registration closes and will not open up for another month. So be sure to get in your first month is only $9. And have a great day free of mama guilt, because you deserve it. And you also deserve selfish Mama’s club. See you there.

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