28 – The future is looking bright

Hey, Mama. This is Mama’s Daily Dose. I’m Meghan Q Barrett of allyoumama.com. Mamas Daily Dose is… “the future is looking bright.” Let’s get moving, before we get interrupted. 

On the first flight of our vacation a couple of weeks ago, I was sitting across the aisle from this young man that was chatting it up with an older gentleman next to him. And I didn’t catch the whole conversation because I was trying to make sure that my kids were kind of keeping the volume down. And we weren’t ruining everyone’s flight, basically. But what I did catch was, this young gentleman was saying that he wanted to go to college to play basketball, he was currently on his way to a basketball camp, I believe, and that he didn’t really want to pursue basketball after college, because he really wanted to take over his family’s business that is a moving company. And he mentioned that his dad has brought it to, you know, a million dollar company, but he wants to take it to 10s and hundreds of millions of dollars. 

He’s said, “I know, I can expand it. I know I can do this. If I have the education and everything I know I can make it happen.” And I was just sitting there like, Oh my god, like at nearly 35 I don’t think I would have had the confidence to say something like that about a company just to be like, “no problem, I’m going to take it 10s of hundreds of millions of dollars.” The confidence in this 16 year old and just the knowledge that he had was amazing. And at the end of the flight, I was just like, “hey, what you’re saying is awesome, you are going to do big things in your life. You just need to keep telling yourself those things and keep believing in yourself.” And I was like, “Can I ask how old you are?” And he looked over at me and he goes, “I’m 16, ma’am.” 

And I was just like, “Oh my gosh, yes, you are definitely doing big things!” And then Anderson gave him a sticker. And then he asked me, he said, “Ma’am, can I ask you a question?” I said, “Sure.” And he goes, “do you think it matters if I go to get my MBA, what school I go to?” And first of all, I’m not sure why he’s asking me, I obviously do not have my MBA. But what I told them was “No, I don’t think it matters. Honestly, I don’t even really think it matters if you get your MBA, what I think does matter is your belief in yourself, the drive you have, and developing yourself and what you do outside of school, the books you read, the people you listen to, and the people you surround yourself with.”

And I think that is completely true of whether you’re trying to build a business or just be a better person in general. And especially for you being a better Mama. What you need is the belief in yourself and the confidence in yourself. And that’s what you will instill in your children and everyone else around you.

It’s truly amazing the lessons that we can learn from those that are so much younger than us. I know we learn from our kids every single day. So go out there, see what you can learn, be confident and have the belief in yourself. And have a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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