27 – I need a vacation from my “vacation”

Hey Mama, Happy Tuesday. This is Mama’s Daily Dose. I’m Meghan Q Barrett of allyoumama.com Mama’s Daily Dose is… “I need a vacation. From my quote, for vacation.” Let’s get moving, before we get interrupted.

At the time of this recording, I’ve been back from my quote unquote vacation with the kids for almost a week now. I took just me and the kids up to Nantucket and Cape Cod, to see some family on both sides and while, it was beautiful scenery and I am so grateful for the experience. It was hard. I thought the hardest part was going to be the actual travel you know, just getting on the plane getting on the ferries, because I was going to be alone and then once I got to the locations, I had my in laws and my mom to help out; but boy was I wrong. The plane was actually the easiest part. 

But Saxon didn’t want to sleep he’s about one and a half, so he didn’t want to sleep. He didn’t want to go with anyone else but me and then he didn’t want to be with me half the time. So he was so exhausted and cranky. And then he was waking up at 5am which was then waking me up and Anderson up at 5am and I was exhausted and Anderson was in a bad mood and it just kind of kept spiraling and it’s like I knew traveling alone with two kids without my husband was going to be difficult. But I just didn’t know it was going to be that difficult. 

I mean you see online all these memes and videos that are like, you know it’s not a vacation, it’s just taking care of your kids in a different zip code. Or it’s not a vacation. It’s just a relocation. And I mean it is so true like coming out of our routines and things is really nice every once in a while but I was so grateful to get home and to have my husband’s help and just a little break, because if you know me I am such a preacher on get up before your kids and just have a little bit of time yourself and that is what I thrive on. But when I was sharing a room with my kids, if I got up any earlier then they would get up earlier, and at that point I just could not get up any earlier than 5am. So, to any of my girlfriends out there if y’all want to take a girls vacation together, hit me up and let’s get it planned because I need a real vacation.

As always, thanks so much for listening. And I hope you have a fun vacation planned with or without the kids. Have a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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