18 – Wear the short shorts

Hey Mama. This is Mama’s Daily Dose. I’m Meghan Q Barrett of allyoumama.com. Happy Hump Day. And speaking of humps, Mamas Daily Dose is… “Wear the short shorts.” Let’s get moving before we get interrupted.

Let’s be honest, after kids, our bodies certainly change and I feel like we’re more hyper aware of our bodies, and also have a bit more of an appreciation for what our bodies can do. Before children. I always worked out in leggings, I did not like to show my legs off, I have cellulite. They’re a bit bigger. And I always had chub rub. Not to mention my thighs tend to like eat shorts, so they would just always ride up anyways. 

But then I got to the point where I lived in these climates like Cayman Islands and Abu Dhabi where it’s just not possible to be wearing leggings and be even remotely comfortable. I’m not gonna lie, it took me a little while to feel comfortable in the shorts because any change takes a little while to get used to. Fast forward a few years. And pretty much all I wear in the summer are short shorts. Because once again, if they’re longer shorts, my thighs are just going to eat them anyways so we might as well start where they’re gonna end up. Find your comfort level where what makes you comfortable. If it’s leggings, stick with the leggings. If it’s longer shorts, go with the longer shorts if it’s short shorts, rock em. All I know is tomorrow is the first of July and in North Carolina it’s getting hot here, so I care a lot less what I look like and more about my comfort.

Stay cool and comfortable out there Mamas. If you are enjoying this podcast as always share with all of your mama friends and have a great day free mama guilt because you deserve it.

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