15 – Play announcer instead of referee

Hey Mama. This is Mama’s Daily Dose. I’m Meghan Q Barrett of allyoumama.com.

Mama’s Daily Dose is… “Try being announcer instead of referee.” Let’s get moving before we get interrupted.

Honestly, I absolutely love this analogy. I don’t remember exactly where I heard it from. But it said something like, “imagine if you played announcer instead of referee.” So, if your kids are fighting over a toy instead of saying, “Hey, stop that give that back to your little brother.”

You do something along the lines of, “Oh, look, Saxon’s got the toy now. Anderson’s going for the toy. Oh, oh he smacked it out of Saxons hands! Oh Saxon’s going for the hair. He’s going for the hair. AH Anderson gets away, he gets away, he starts running away with the toy. AH Saxon’s following him. He’s going, oh no Saxon tripped any fell. But he gets back up and he goes for the toy. Oh no, they’re tugging back and forth. Anderson has it, Saxon has it… who’s gonna end up with the toy?!?! And basically, that’s just a hell of a lot more fun than trying to play referee.

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