05 – You Don’t NEED Wine to Survive Motherhood

Hey Mama and welcome to Mama’s Daily Dose. I’m Meghan Q Barrett of allyoumama.com. Mamas daily dose is… “You don’t NEED wine to survive motherhood.” Let’s get moving before we get interrupted.

Okay, so hear me out before you just turn off this podcast and write me off as an alcohol hater because I’m not, I enjoy a nice glass of wine, sparkling is what I prefer over here. And often it’s more than one glass. But there is a big difference between enjoying some wine and feeling like you deserve that alcohol or you need alcohol to survive motherhood.

It’s almost become this big joke and totally normalized that “mama needs a glass of wine” or, “you really deserve that glass of wine after the tough day that you had… after what you’ve been through.” But what you really deserve is some rest and time to yourself. You deserve to recharge and do something that you enjoy.

I know myself during the pandemic and 2020 during COVID. I wasn’t using alcohol to enjoy it. I was using it to escape. I was living the same day over and over again and I was stressed and I had postpartum anxiety and I just didn’t know how to handle it. So I was using alcohol to escape and not because I enjoyed it. And that wasn’t what I needed. And it wasn’t what I deserved.

What I deserved, was some time to myself and just to do something different to break up my every day monotony. So in the end, go out. Enjoy some alcohol, wine, whatever your drink of choice is; with some friends, with your partner or even by yourself at home in the quiet if that’s what you want to do. But make sure that it’s because you enjoy it. You don’t need wine to survive motherhood. You deserve to take care of yourself in order to thrive in motherhood.

Thank you so much for listening today. And that wraps up our very first week of Mama’s Daily Dose. If you enjoy the podcast, please leave a rating and share with your mama friends. Give me a follow on Instagram @MeghanQBarrett. Have a great day free of mama guilt because you deserve it.

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